Nautical Solar Kit

Found a comprehensive solution to all energy-related issues with boats and RVs. The all-new nautical solar kit designed with advanced technology and amazing power saving options. This is a high-performance solar kit with maximum power output that recharges service batteries without burning costly fuel. If you are traveling offshore and want to charge your batteries without turning on the engine, then a marine solar panel kit is just what you need. It will provide an alternative source to power your electrical and engine system, light-up the devices, charge the batteries, and keep the VHF in action. This system works efficiently with solar energy, anywhere and everywhere you want.

The Nautical solar kit on this page consists of KIT fixing photovoltaic panels, cable guides, solar cables, KIT photovoltaic solar panels, flexible solar panels, charge controllers. The Flexible solar panel with the highest energy output (140W-12V) with American SUNPOWER cells provides the best market efficiency. The solar panels are designed with polycrystalline technology, monocrystalline and thin film, for continuous energy supply. This product uses the coating material ETFE which guarantees greater light absorption, due to a lower degree of refraction. The solar module is integrated with high-performing ASI ® encapsulation technology to yield maximum energy. And, finally, there is KIT cables with UV resistant capacity for interconnection of the various elements of photovoltaic systems. All items from your nautical solar kit are built to perform better and save the environment.

We are an online portal shop for solar power energy sources for boats, yachts, ships and other nautical vessels. Our main motto is to provide you a quiet, environmentally friendly and affordable item. We sell products of the best brands: FLY Solartech, LG Solar, Q Cells, Samsung, Panasonic, SolarWorld, Kyoto, Trina Solar, and many other manufacturers of quality PV modules per system connected to the electricity grid. If you need a nautical solar kit for a boat, motorhome or caravan, please click here to see our kits.

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