Semi Fexible Photovoltaic Panels

An extensive selection of semi-flexible photovoltaic panels also with Back Contact cells to charge your service batteries without turning on the engine. This is a state-of-the-art solar panel, which is lightweight and versatile, making them particularly useful for boats, motorhomes, RVs, caravan and other marine vessels.

The solar photovoltaic panels are designed with most advanced technology and quality processes, such as polycrystalline technology, monocrystalline and thin film, for continuous charging of batteries till long hours. However, with seven layer technology and no glass structure, these products are comparatively stronger and flexibleover a wide range of temperature. The flexible panels use the coating material in ETFE which guarantees greater light absorption of the light due to a lower degree of refraction.Excellent chemicals, electrical and high-energy radiation resistance properties make them robust for marine industry. The best part is, semi flexible photovoltaic panels are available with power range 30W - 50W - 60W – 75W – 80W – 100W – 110W – 120W – 135W – 150W - 170W, to meet the required demands.

Our semi-flexible photovoltaic panels are high-performance solar energy panels. This system is easy to install and safe to repair. The slip space saving junction box of this system, plus panel characteristics and customized dimensions will maintain the decorum of the boat as well. Our care in the selection of flexi photovoltaic cell will bring out the love for your boat.

We sell Fly Solartech flexi panels, with SUNPOWER GRADE "A" HIGH EFFICIENCY CELLS ONLY, and are proud to offer at most reasonable prices. We are an online portal shop for all FLY SOLARTECH SOLUTIONS. Our main motto is to save energy and use alternative sources like semi flexible photovoltaic panels for complete integration with home and motor vehicles. We provide products of the best brands: LG Solar, Q Cells, Samsung, Panasonic, SolarWorld, Kyoto, Trina Solar, and many other manufacturers of quality PV modules per system connected to the electricity grid. If you need a panel for a boat, motorhome or caravan, DIY or lighting application, please click here to see our kits.

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