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All the products to make your boat energetically autonomous!
Here you can find KIT of solar photovoltaic panels, solar cables, cable guides, charge controllers and others.

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  • ETFE - semi-flexible...

    These products use ETFE coating material which guarantees greater absorption of the light due to a lower degree of refraction. The innovative semi-flexible solar panels are fabricated in order to adapt to many surfaces.

    These panels use a "seven-layer" technology with antireflection surface ETFE and are designed to have high corrosion resistance, can withstand high levels of thermal stress and chemical aggression. The bottom surface consists of a strong, lightweight black fiberglass layer. 

    The ETFE is totally permeable to UV rays. The transparency of ETFE is 95% for radiation ranging from 400 to 600 Nm, which is the spectrum of visible light, a proportion of 12% of diffuse light  and 88% direct light. This system to seven layers provides a greater mechanical strength to the product than the normally commercially solutions with PET or TPT made with 5 layers.

  • PET /TPT -...

    Manufactured with 5 layers of PET or PTP, simple and economical. The installation convenience is provided by the quick release clip attached to the four corners, which allows a simple and quick installation that does not weigh down the structure.

    The thickness of only 3 millimeters guarantees a perfect visual integration with the host surface. These panels use SUNPOWER cells with very high efficiency and can ensure a 19.9% higher total efficiency. The products are resistant to water and walkable.

Showing 1 - 34 of 34 items
Showing 1 - 34 of 34 items