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  • 220V LED Lightning

    The AC-220V LEDs are suitable for substitution of the halogen and incandescent lamps because they do not require a current transformer and guarantee a greater bill-saving than traditional bulbs and greater longevity. The LED bulbs are made with advanced energy-saving technology that will consume less energy and illuminate the area, brightly. Our 220V LED Lightning products are one-of-a-kind in design and efficiency, you can pick your favorite from the widest collection LED Bulb RGB, 220V LED spotlights, ceiling mounted and recessed LED panels.

  • 12V LED Lightning

    12V LED lamps are perfect for stand-alone systems in cabins, boats or for your home with the use of a current  transformer (see also: LED Accessories)

  • Home Appliances
  • Home Appliances...
  • LED Accessories

    Support kits for recessed and ceiling-mounted LED spotlights and panel, power supplies and control systems / dimmers for LED strips and spotlights, profiles and aluminum rails.

  • 220V LED Strips

    LED strips @ 220V voltage for furniture and interior decoration of homes, offices, stores etc. Comes with voltage regulator with Italian plug and / or power supply (if applicable).

  • 12/24V LED Strips

    AC 12/24V Strip LEDs for indoor applications in homes, offices, stores etc. Any power supply and / or profiles and guides may not be included, please refer to the LED Accessories category for more details.

  • Ambient LED Lamps

    LED light lamps for decoration and customization of domestic and / or professional environments. Indoor and Outdoor

  • Solar Powered Lights
  • Led lights for the...

    Led lights 220V for the lighiting gardes and plants.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 90 items

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