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The stand alone systems or off-grid systems are not connected to the national electricity distribution network: all the energy produced is stored and used on site. Can be: photovoltaic, small wind, solar + mini-wind mixed . They are used for energy supply of cabins, boat, camper or isolated areas.

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    A charge controller is a basically element for stand-alone systems to regulate the voltage and / or the current intensity regulator to keep the battery efficient and avoid overloads. Adjusts the voltage and current from the solar panels going to the battery. Most of the "12 volt" panels provide variations between about 16:20 volts, then without adequate regulation the batteries will be damaged by overcharging. Most batteries require approximately 14 to 14.5 volts to get the full charges.


    The solar panels should be configured in such a way that they match the DC voltage of the system, which is determined by the battery. The system voltages are typically, 12V and 24V DC, some larger systems operate at 48V DC. The operating voltage of a solar panel in a stand-alone system must be high enough to charge the batteries. For example, a 12V battery 14.4V takes to recharge the battery. The photovoltaic panel must be able to supply this voltage to the battery taking into account the power loss and voltage drop in the cable controller and battery charger and in conditions in which the solar cells operate at high temperature. A solar panel with a Voc of about 20V is necessary to charge a 12V battery.


    Supplies charge controllers, power adapters, remote control for programming, remote control, power and modem sensors


    Boats, small cabins and portable power stations often have only a few small AC loads. Some may have lighting, a refrigerator and other appliances that do not work in direct current and alternating current need. The stand-alone inverter act by converting the direct current into alternating current


    Accessories stand alone inverter; box and parallel control, remote control, remote control


    Photovoltaic systems with a storage system are designed to increase consumption on-site solar power. However, people often forget to consider that this type of battery systems reveal their full potential through their multiple uses. In addition to allow operators of photovoltaic systems to significantly increase consumption on the premises, a storage system also allows you to reduce your dependence on utility companies and ensures that the electric current will continue to be supplied without interruption. battery storage systems have long been common practice in the island as photovoltaic systems (otherwise known as a stand-alone solutions) to ensure uninterrupted supply of energy in areas not reached by conventional power grid.


    Photovoltaic kit for motor homes, boats, huts or lighting for every need. The island photovoltaic system is generally constituted by:

    One or more photovoltaic modules (Polycrystalline, monocrystalline or thin film)
    Charge controller
    storage batteries

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    All the products to make your camper energy-sufficient, fixing photovoltaic panels KIT, cable glands, solar cables, KIT photovoltaic solar panels

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    All the products to make your boat energeticmante enough, KIT fixing photovoltaic panels, cable guides, solar cables, KIT photovoltaic solar panels, flexible solar panels, charge controllers


    A solar inverter’s main job is to convert DC power generated from the array into usable AC power. Hybrid inverters go a step further and work with batteries to store excess power as well. This type of system solves issues renewable energy variability and unreliable grid structures.

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